Wacky Whistles are the world's most amazing whistles. 

Wacky Whistles are a magical little whistle that goes in the roof of your mouth that changes your voice to a high octive and lets you make awesome sound effects.  

It vibrates so fast that it can be quite tickalish. It really is quite amazing and a lot of fun to use. 

This whistle is fast becoming the must have accessory for all ages.

HoW To uSe A WaCky WhIsTLe by Robin

How to use Wacky Whistles



How to use Wacky Whistles

Place the whistle in the roof of your mouth with the white side facing down and the straight edge facing your front teeth


It's easiest to start out by saying CHICK...CHICK to help position the whistle in the roof of your mouth

Making different sounds...
Further back on your tongue makes higher pitch sounds (tongue forward). 
Curl your tongue up and use the tip which makes deeper sounds. 
Back of the tip is crackly. 
Add your voice (G, Z, and R) gives an extra vibration.

Laughing: Vary your breaths like you would when you laugh and say SHH SHH SHH SHH SHH.

Talking: Say any word and SHHH at the same time, the vowels carry through.

Motorbike/Car: Voice and breath of reving.

Lorikeet: Quick movement of tongue, back & forward.

Frog and Pigeon: Flick your tongue/purr.

Crow: Breath of whoosh, but say SHHH & R

Kitten: Breath of wisher, but say shhh.

Dog: Whine; Breath of WIsh but say SHh, Bark; say WROOLF with tip of T near WW.

Music Beat: dshh bshh

Rap: giga gigis zhis bss bit, basdie bashbie grrrgie, ya gotta go a little nuts here!

Suggestions and descriptions welcome, thanks and have FUN!


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